Race Does Not Equal Genetics

One of the courses I'm taking at my university is a sociology course. First year, basic sociology 100. I've never been that interested in taking these kinds of courses, hence why I've also never taken a political science course, philosophy, history, anthropology. I'm more of a science person. Studying people genetically, anatomically, mentally, but never [...]

The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale

Day Seven As per the title, yes, this is the final day of our trip out here in Colombia. We have a long day ahead. From Santa Marta, we must drive back to the city of Cartagena as that is where our plane departs. Much like the drive to Santa Marta, the drive back was [...]

The Real Colombia

Day Five Today is the day we are free. No longer held back by work and conferences, our vacation truly begins. Bright and early this Sunday morning (I'm talking 7:00 am), we ventured out into the real Colombia. We rented a car from the airport and made our way towards sunny Santa Marta. The drive was long, [...]