Giving Writing Another Go

Ok so it’s been awhile. I’ve been gone from this place for quite some time. Truth be told, I’m back because I’m on reading week and I have nothing to do for the next 6 days. I have already exhausted my list of videos games and movies to watch, so I guess now the only option left is to write.

I did enjoy writing but I’ll be honest, it was hard to find material to write about. I mean, in my best days I was writing about things I learned from school like Marxism, Strain Theory, crime and how easily it can be normalized. It’s crazy because I feel like the past few months I haven’t learned anything interesting or worth mentioning. Boy, am I glad that that’s over. I’m taking some new courses this semester that has taught me things that are straight up ubsurd. 

I’m actually looking forward to writing for you all about all the new things I’ve learned, some that may even be in your best interest – I’m taking a whole course on prisons and knowing your rights.

Even though this is only day 1 of getting back into writing, I’m feeling like I can really stick to it this time. It’s definitely easier when I’ve got so much free time and I’m not expected to do anything. How am I ever going to survive adulthood.

Anyway, besides the point, I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I hope to be back and actually stay a while this time. I really did miss writing, writers block, amirite?

I’ve already got a few topics lined up with some snazzy titles, because for some reason the title of a post comes to me before I actually think of a post to write about. Weird right?

Well anyway, a glimpse into the first post to come is all about pre-trial detention and who stays there. Trust me, the answer is not what you think.

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