I am Graduating.

Something wicked this way comes.

No. Not evil, green, jealous menace Wicked Witch of the West.

I am talking about the wickedly awesome event that has presented itself to me this morning.

It’s weird, to think about this day that I have waited for for 5 long years. I can’t help but look back at how far I’ve come – mostly because I’m terrified to look forward and witness the unknown future.

5 years ago (and a few weeks), I started my very first year in my post-secondary education career. I moved into my dorm rooms at the University of Toronto and started a very long process of achieving academic excellency. 

My first year was not ideal. Actually, it was so far from ideal that I was on the brink of getting kicked out (sorry mom and dad). It’s true. The courses I was taking were hard, and required so much extra work. While I’ve begun to become habituated to the amount of homework professors give, back then it was a very big deal. I mean, coming from high-school, I had all my homework done in class, which meant I rarely had any homework. But of course in university, there is no “in-class homework” so everything is “at-home homework.” And don’t even get me started on the readings… I had courses that had over 100 pages of readings for a week. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, imagine each course you took had 100 pages. That is 500 pages of readings a week. How do you expect me to read 500 pages and study for other courses while maintaining a social life and getting a decent 8 hours of sleep? Well anyway, you can imagine why my first year went so badly, I had no sense of how to study or even keep up with all the readings. Luckily though, my university habits got better, I started studying earlier for exams, did my readings before class, and organized myself with an agenda. Eventually, I got better at school, both in terms of grades and time management.

I am now in my fifth year. I have been at this for a whole five years. In these five years, I switched my major 3 times, I dropped 3 courses, I failed one course, some years I took 4 courses, some years I took 5. I mean I was all  over the place. There was even a time where I momentarily gave up. I told myself university was just too hard and that I couldn’t do it. I cried, I panicked, and I had a mental break down. That, folks, is what statistics does to the human mind.

With all that said, can you blame me for getting emotional when I was finally able to apply for graduation? No seriously, I cried in the car. My brother was an unfortunate witness. But as soon as I hit the Apply For Graduation in June of 2019, I cried. After 5 years of pain, stress, anxiety, failure, success, breakdowns, and major changes, I am graduating.

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