Time Away is Ok.

Its been a rough few days. Let me tell you all about my hell week, because you’re all dying to know.

Hell week is used to describe the week during university or college where all your papers, assignments, and tests are all perfectly wrapped with a beautiful red bow. It’s the one week where every course has something due. That for me was last week; a midterm or Monday, a midterm on Wednesday, a midterm on Thursday, and a paper on Friday. It was literal hell. When I started looking onward to the weekend, I realized I didn’t even have a break then since I had a weekend long course to obtain a special license. And just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. My friend notified me that she was pregnant. Together we ran from clinic to clinic, educating ourselves about the options available to her. It was one never-ending week.

I write this post on the Tuesday following hell week. It is my “Tuesday off.” No school, no responsibilities, no one needing me. Looking back at my hell week I realized, I take on too much. I take too much on at school. Granted, im taking a very normal full course load but I know that a full course load is too much for me. I took on a weekend course that corresponded to my hell week. I mean, I clearly knew when hell week was and yet I still signed up for the course that same week. I make myself too available to people. Frankly, I’m too reliable. People come to me with a crisis and I drop everything to help them. What’s worse is that, I drop my own sanity, mentality and morality to help people. I put them over myself and I’m starting to realize that this is not ok.

My therapist told me I have to start setting boundaries, she told me it is ok to set boundaries. She told me it is important for my mentality to say no to people who are draining, to set time aside for me time. She told me it was ok to not be ok and take the time to heal myself. So that is what im doing. I’m taking my well deserved “me time.”

You should too.

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