My Grow Op.

Haven’t you heard the joyous news? Well, I’m not sure how joyous it is considering I don’t actually engage in behaviours related to this but, whatever. The effect was there and that’s all I wanted.

Haven’t you heard the tremendous news?

The Justin Trudope – woah sorry, Trudeau – government has officially legalized marijuana. Across. All. Of. Canada. Do you know what that means? People can freely smoke the good kush without criminal consequences.

Since it is now officially legal, I’ve decided to share with you all the rules around legal marijuana use and grow it. Of course, I mean, why not? If it is legal to use, why not legal to grow? However, there are important limitations to what a person can use, grow, carry, and so forth. I have decided to outline the basic law for you all.

Like alcohol consumption in (most provinces of) Canada, the legal age to buy, possess, and grow marijuana is 19 years of age. This is the rule in place for the buying and using of alcohol and tobacco.

Most people’s concerns come with where the marijuana smoke is going to be condensed. Is anywhere free reign to light up a joint and smoke some pot? As if. Trudope was nice, but he isn’t that nice. The general rule of thumb to live by, in this case, is that a user can only smoke marijuana in the same legal areas a person can smoke tobacco. Which means many outdoor places, like sidewalks and parks, are free territory for marijuana use. Private residences are also free reign unless they are a place of work (such as retirement homes – prohibited). Marijuana cannot be smoked in any residential vehicle or boat, unless they meet a certain criteria: have permanent sleeping accommodations, are parked or anchored). Important restrictions have been made as to where not to smoke, this includes areas like schools (anywhere children gather), hospitals, care homes, indoor common areas, publicly owned spaces, inside restaurants, and reserved seating areas of sports locations.

The zero tolerance impaired driving law is in place. Meaning, no drug use prior to or while driving.

A person is able to possess, on their person at any given moment, up to 30 grams of dried cannabis, without legal consequence. Cannabis can be grown in homes with a limit of 4 per household – not per person.

While there are many other rules and laws put in place, those are the most important for everyday folk like you and I.

So, since we are now well versed in the law of recreational cannabis, let me tell you a secret. As an Ontarian resident, I, the Bear, am growing my own marijuana plant. Not for personal use, since I actually don’t smoke anymore. The reasons for that is plain and simple, this bear got waaaay to paranoid. But alas, I am a grower.

I’ve had my little itty bitty seedlings germinating in a little plastic container for about 3 days. While that seems like a lot (I think?), today, my first little seedling has sprouted. A tiny little root has broken from the thick shell of the seed and is finally stretching itself. Out of 12 seed, only one has sprouted. Tonight, I shall put my little seedling into a small pot to allow it to flourish even more.

The tricky part will be the lights. While I don’t intend to buy all the equipment  required to systematically grow copious amounts of marijuana, I do with to at least try to grow a decent plant. Like I said, this isn’t for use, this is more of a competition with my father and brother to see who can grow a plant the fastest (so far, I’m winning).

My plan is to make a little tinfoil box and place one of my lamp lights over top of it. My lamp creates enough heat on its own, I figure the tinfoil will help keep it all in the location of the plant.

I will be sure to keep you all updated, perhaps with pictures.

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