The Introvert is in Love

Alright. So, it’s been a while since I wrote to you all a little life update. To be honest, its actually been a while since I had so much to write about. Not to say I couldn’t have written about this stuff before, I just didn’t really have the motivation to do so. But, if you’ve read my post on getting my groove back, then you’ll know that well, I’m getting into the groove of writing again. At this point, im just trying to reintroduce the habit of writing so you’ll probably find that my posts are scattered. But what the hell, my blog, my problem, amirite?

This post is kind of a trilogy. The first two being Love and the Socially Awkward Part 1 and Part 2. I decided to give this post a new name just because the fact of the matter is, this is different. This is hopeful. I am happy.

You guessed it. This bear has been cuffed – and I don’t mean that I just robbed a liquor store and the police caught up to me. I mean, this bear has a boyfriend. Can you believe it? I feel like the epitome of the silly introvert weirdo that blends into a bland wall and yet someone took interest. I know, I’m just as baffled as you are.

We’ve been together for 6 months now. Woah. What a long time, for me at least. I managed to keep this guy not only interested, but not drive him totally bonkers for six whole months. Someone call the papers.

The story of how we met is actually kind of horrible. I mean, I’ve known him for 2 years prior to gettin’ hitched before I even gave him a chance. I take full responsibility for that. Well actually, I blame my introverted, socially anxious ass for that.

We met on a dating app. Super lame, I know, don’t remind me. Yes. It was Tinder (im just as ashamed as the next person). But let me be clear, he was not some random guy I’ve never heard of, ok! My friend and I were bored, hanging out in my room. We decided it might be fun to download Tinder, swap phones, and just wreak havoc. So we did. While she was on my phone, she matched with a guy she knew quite well. A former friend used to date the guy. So she started up a conversation and ended up getting his phone number and calling him. Now don’t forget, she was using my phone so while he was talking to her, he thought he was talking to me. Anyway, my friend ended up giving me back my phone and the conversation with the mystery (to me) man continued – for 2 years. While I will admit he did make many efforts to meet me, hangout, what have you, it was me who kept rejecting his advances. Not because I was not interested but rather because, I was too scared. I mean sure, my friend knew him, but I didn’t. I can’t just meet new people I’ve never seen before. That is sorcery.

Anyway, eventually, after 2 years, we met up. I was downtown with my friend for a nice dinner. He was also downtown, at a bar with his friends. He texted me his last, desperate resort at hanging out with me. I responded. I figured since I was with my friend, and if he was some serial killer, he’d have a harder time killing both of us and so we met up. The rest is history.

I’m happy. He is a great guy. He gets my humor, I get his. We laugh together at stupid things, he listens, and he has great morals and standards. The downfall though, he’s sassier than I am and there is room for only one sassy bitch in a relationship.

I’m taking my title back.

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