We Are Venom.

The first thing I want to say about this particular movie: DO NOT LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS. For two reasons.

1. They’re trash and

2. They’re trash.

I was lucky enough to snag IMAX tickets to see Venom on October 4th, one day before the release. Now obviously, you have premiere nights all across the globe and there are a handful of lucky people who see the movie before it is realeased to the public. The reviews they had written led to a rotten tomatoes rating of 30%. Kind of underwhelming. So I went into the movie with a negative bias. Negative bias and all, I was blown away.

This is a spoiler free review so not to worry, I won’t give anything away.

The acting was phenomenal. Tom Hardy does an incredible job at portraying an impulsive, timid, immature Eddie Brock that does what he can to being, essentially hijacked, by a symbiote. The character of Eddie is very serious and kind of mentally dark.  I personally think this really adds to the ambiance of the movie and really sells his character. I also think he does a wonderful job at portraying this toxic dual relationship between himself and venom. Although the character is quite dark if you really think about it (his trauma, his personality, his characteristics, and what he’s been through), Tom Hardy still manages to keep it light and humorous at just the right times. When you watch that one scene, you’ll know. I mean, I was literally crying laughing so hard my boyfriend had to get me a tissue. Michelle Williams is another example of great casting. Her character Anne Weying is just as lost as Eddie and Michelle does a beautiful job at depicting that empathic relationship. The only character I felt could have had a stronger presence was the one played by Riz Ahmed. If you’ve seen him in the incredible show The Night Of, you’lol know that he has profound acting potential and can really sell just about any part. Except this one. Personally, Riz just wasn’t doing it for me. Maybe the character was just too big for him.

The plot was great. One thing that you should probably keep in mind going into this movie is that, this story has never been told and is not quite as popular as other Marvel counterparts. Take for example SpiderMan: Homecoming. It was the third remake of Spider-Man and actually did not who any kind of backstory as to how Peter Parker got his abilities. Why? Because we’ve all seen it before. Multiple times. So with Venom, they take extra time to really establish the characters and who they were before the introduction of the symbiotes. I think this is important. We’ve all been conditioned to think that the fighting and action has to start right away. But that’s because the character arcs are all already established. Personally, I enjoyed that they took their time introducing the characters, the symbiotes, and the feeling of the movie.

I think one of the greatest anticipations of this movie was the CGI. I mean, we really didn’t have anything to compare it to since the only other Eddie Brock/Venom we saw was in the O.G. Spiderman with Toby McGuire. So let me just tell you, the CGI was phenomenal. The symbiotes really were this incredibly flow of gooey yuckyness. Even within this “mess” of a body (for lack of better reference?) the facial features, the emotional, can all still very well be seen in Venom and the other symbiotes.

The action. Was. Awesome. I mean really. It did take some time to get there, but again, they have to establish a history with the characters. But once it started, it did not stop. Blow after blow after blow after blow until the movie ended.

Also, I feel like I should mention, Spiderman is not in the movie. You do know that Venom did exist before Spiderman, right?

Lastly lets talk dialogue, only because this is one thing that I saw consistently within the initial spurt of bad reviews online. I thought the dialogue was perfect. It wasn’t too forced, it wasn’t too dry, it was a perfect meld. You have to remember, the symbiotes essentially is a parasite to whoever it chooses to latch to. So you can’t imagine it’ll be to talkative with whoever its riding. Not to say the dialogue was lacking, but it defitinally picks up. Plus, you can really see a relationship development between Eddie and Venom. It really is a great movie.

Before you leave the theatre, be aware that there are two post credit scenes. The first one is directly related to a possible sequel for Venom while the second one is just an extended trailer for Spiderman Into the Spider-verse.

Overall, I give this movie a 9.4/10 and encourage you all to watch.

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