Groovin’ Again

My my. Has it ever been so long.

Can’t believe your eyes? Well you better.

I know. It’s been months since I’ve come online, to wordpress, to my beautiful (wow bias much?) blog.

I can’t say I’ve really “needed” this time off because that just is not true. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve just been super duper lazy.

I called it: My Summer Slump.

For practically the entire summer, I have been in a rut that I just could not shake. I had little motivation to do anything. I didn’t feel like going to the gym, I didn’t feel like working, I didn’t really even feel like going out with my friends, and I certainly did not feel like writing on this blog.

I can’t quite explain it. The feeling of anhedonia. Not wanting to do things that I loved doing.

Of course despite these lack lustre feelings, I still forced myself to go to work, hangout with my friends. It’s not that this summer slump was debilitating by any means, I just didn’t feel like doing anything. So this hiatus was really just a lack of motivation to come on here and write some intricate piece for you guys to read.

The worst part was that I could feel the slump. I knew I had little motivation to do anything. I knew that it was a terrible feeling. I knew that I had to do something to get out of my slump. The irony is that I lacked the motivation to find motivation. This slump was a bottomless hole that I couldn’t, nay wouldn’t, climb out of.

I tried talking to a professional about it, well actually, I still am talking to a professional about it. I can say that things have improved. Although, I can’t say for certain that it was because I went to get help.

More so, I just believe that I reached the end of the life sentence this slump has given me. I’ve done my time (for what crime? Don’t ask me, I don’t know!). Now I’m free.

I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times a week. I’m getting up at a reasonable time every morning, I actually enjoy hanging out with my friends (and my boo), and well, here I am, aren’t I? Writing on my once-ignored-blog. I’m on top of all of my university assignments, readings, lectures, I even joined 5 clubs!

After months of feeling like there was a hole in my being that I couldn’t quite fill, I’m finally getting my groove back.

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