Last Day in Paradise

Well, it seems these two travel junkies had arrived at their final day in beautiful Costa Rica. Let me tell you, and you heard it here first, we made the most of our last day here.

We began with a bright and early morning out to town. Stopped by every single shop that we possibly could. Tourist shops, local shops, surf shops, beauty shops. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Did we hit the beach? No. Should we have? Maybe. But in all honesty, we have exhausted our beach time the five days that we were in Samara so no regrets here.

Before we hit the shopping portion of our day, which also happens to be the portion of the day where we destroyed our credit cards (just kidding, mom), we had a delicious breakfast at a local place called Waffle Monkey. I ordered a chocoholic waffle while my friend ordered the applie pie waffle. They were delicious. Not too crunchy, but not overly soft and mushy. The chocolate sauce was to die for, sprinkled with some icing sugar was like the cherry on top of the sundae.

Then we hit the shopping district. One shop after another, we were like a swarm of bugs. We came, we saw, we conquered, and we did some damage. I bought my parents some souvenirs, of course. My mom is a huge coffee drinker. We have more coffee cups than we have plates, cutlery, and regular drinking glasses. We don’t even know what to do at this point with the amount of coffee cups we have. So what did I get her? A coffee cup (hehe). My dad on the other hand, not so much a coffee drinker, is a knife collector. I mean, he orders knives from Japan for every kind of cut he could possibly need. So of course, I got him a knife. Only it won’t be doing much cutting since its made entirely out of wood. Including the “blade.” The last person I bought gifts for was, of course, my boo (a post on my love life updates will be coming shortly). I got him a little miniature ceramic bird that is also some sort of instrument? (Don’t quote me on that) You blow on it and it makes bird noises, that’s all I know. I did also by myself some goodies, for instance two very pretty summer dresses that, not to toot my own horn, look quite fantastic on me.

Eventually, the heat was getting to my friend and I so we went back to our hotel and took a few hours to relax in the pool, soak up the last bit of Costa Rican sun, and just chill.

At around 4o’clock we got hungry and decided to go back into town for some lunch. Throughout our shopping adventures, we stumbled across an Argentine restaurant. And since this bear was born and raised over in Argentina, we couldn’t resist. I ordered a beef empanada to start, a milanesa for the main course, and my friend and I shred capaletti for dessert (don’t ask, I dont know). Delicioso. But, and all due respect to my country, it ain’t like momma makes at home.

On our way back towards the hotel, we stopped in all the shops along the way, but with our wallets empty, we did what Fergie had told us to do many years ago. You can look but you can’t touch, if you touch it I’m gunna start some drama. I don’t want no drama.

We eventually made it back to the hotel where we sat on our couch and watched a movie on Netflix.

All in all, it was a damn good vacation.

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