Soccer and the Beach

Let me be honest here, not everyday on vacation is some extraordinary adventure that you can write pages about. Sometimes, days are slow, relaxing, and easy going. Those were the last three days for my friend and I. Let’s recap, shall we?

Day Four

We started up our day quite easy. We slept in (like I said, easy). We decided to start our day off in the pool and eventually head towards the beach. The pool was refreshing. Costa Rica gets incredibly hot and frankly, the ocean doesn’t help since its practically as warm as the air outside. The pool was nice a cool and did a fantastic job at getting our core body temperature down a few couple degrees.

When we finally headed out into town, it was right around the time the Portugal vs. Spain game was on. Eating typical Costa Rican food was also in my mind, so killing two birds with one stone, my friend and I went to a little local restaurant, ordered food, and watched the game. Wicked game, even more amazing food. I was recommended the casado echo con pescado. I don’t know what casado is but pescado is fish. Specifically, the Dorado. It was delicious and I don’t even like fish too much (I prefer real meat).

Eventually, after finishing the food and the soccer match, we went towards the beach, sat down, and soaked up all the sun we could.

After a few hours at the beach, the sun was saying its last goodbye’s for the day so we went on home. However, on the way we stopped by this tiny little restaurant called Taco A Taco. We couldn’t resist. We had a taco. It was a crispy tortilla filled with exceptional meat, topped with some cole slaw. Delicious.

Day Five

Very important day here. June 16th. It’s 6:45am and I’m up. You may be thinking: You’re on vacation, why the **** aren’t you sleeping in? Let’s get one thing straight here, it’s the goddamn World Cup and my team is playing at 7am Costa Rica time. So what do I do? Get up at 6:45am Costa Rica time, make myself a nesquick and get ready for the bloody game. Why? Because Argentina is playing and this bear has got to support her boys.

Only one problem. We tied. I don’t want to talk about it.

Moving on, another easy going day. After the game, we hit the beach one last time because the following day we were headed to another spot of Costa Rica: Tamagringo.

Sorry, wait. That’s not right.


Day Six

Another day waking up at the crack of dawn, if you consider crack of dawn being 7am (which I do). The shuttle taking us to Tamarindo arrived at 8:20, and it had wifi. What public transportation in Canada has wifi? Common Trudeau, if you can remove the gender symbol on people’s health cards, surely you could put wifi on public buses. But that’s none of my business.

Of course I streamed the Germany vs. Mexico game, what you think I’m some kind of savage? and Of course there was a family of Germans sitting next to and behind me while I streamed the game. So of course they watched the stream with me. Little did they know I hated their team for stealing the cup from us only a few years back.

But hey, I didn’t come to Costa Rica to make enemies.

Two hours later we arrived at our beautiful hotel in Tamarindo. Compared to the place we stayed at in Samara, this place was huge. For one, it had two beds. It also has a second floor. However, one cannot be compared with another, they each have their own charm.

My friend and I were excited to check out the town since it is widely held that this town is very touristic. Well, no sh*t Sherlock, right off the bat there was Americans everywhere. Swarms of them, like pesky mosquitos scouting out the ripest artery to eat from.

First we stopped at a very beautiful, tiny little cafe called Cafe Tico where we had breakfast. Then we made our way into the shops. You could tell it was tourist central since everything was 10x more expensive, and they charged you in American dollar rather than in the local currency of Colon. We checked out the beach but didn’t stay very long in the town since we were tired from the early get up and long drive out here in the first place. We went back to our hotel, put on the Brazil vs. Switzerland game and fell asleep watching it. What can I say, I don’t like Brazil and Switzerland is a team I would have never watched to begin with (nothing against the actual countries, this is strictly soccer rivalries).

After an hour and a half nap, we went swimming at the hotels pool for a few hours before we finally turned in. We made some dinner and put on a TV show.

All was calm. Until it wasn’t.

My friend gets up to use the bathroom and I hear a scream. She runs out, another scream. It was mayhem. There was a millipede the size of my middle finger on the bathroom floor. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, there was a full fledged, size of my palm, adult crab booking its way past us on the kitchen floor. There was chaos. We immediately grabbed out suitcases, bags, any food we could get our hands on and fled to shelter on the second floor of our apartment.

We sleep to forget.

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