The Sky is Falling!

Another beautiful day in Costa Rica. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing a perfect little cooling breeze, and the mosquitos were nowhere to be seen. We woke up at an early 9am to give our day a head start. We knew we wanted to go to the beach but had an excursion planned for 1:30m, and since it gets cloudy at about 3pm, we had to go in the morning. We packed our bags, this time packing towels and a matt to sit on, and made our way into the town and towards the beach.

This time, since we were up so early, we were able to snag a few beach chairs and an umbrella. It was great actually, since it came in handy for when we ordered food.

At the same place we ate yesterday, Luv Burger, we ordered another delicious and everything-free breakfast. Pancakes with a double serving of bananas topped with some nuts. It was fantastic. After a few hours of resting on the beach, and checking in on the Russia v. Saudi Arabia soccer match (I’m a super soccer junkie, by the way), we made our way back to the villa for a dip in the cooler pool before our excursion.

So. Refreshing.

At 1:15, we were picked up for our excursion. Travelling through Samara, and Carillo, we ended up at a beautiful town called Estrada. Our adventures started off with a hike up a tiny revine towards a waterfall. The first weird part about the adventure was the fact that we had to climb under a barbed wired fence just to make up to the waterfall. Odd you may say? No kidding. Eventually, after stopping to hunt for shrimp every now and then, we made it to the waterfall. Wow was it ever a sight. I mean sure, it doesn’t compare to Niagara Falls or the Iguazú Falls of Argentina (which puts Niagara Falls to shame), but it was still incredibly beautiful. It was beautifully surrounded by lushes forest and came down to a gorgeous little pond that we were able to take a dip in. The water was refreshing, cool, and all around just wonderful. We swam for a good 20 minutes before heading back to where we came from.

The second part of the excursion was kayaking. I love kayaking. We were dropped off at a river, boarded our kayaks, and went down stream with the final destination being a beautiful beach. A long the way we went through a few rapids, almost tipped over, and also got to admire the beautiful wildlife. Although we didn’t see any monkeys, we did see some of Costa Rica’s beautiful birds (my mom would have loved it). As we were approaching the beach, only 20 minutes from it actually, Mother Nature did her thing. And by that I mean, it started raining. The rain started off soft, which was nice because it was actually getting kind of hot. But eventually, chicken little, the sky fell. It started pouring.

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