Vamos A La Playa

What a morning. I don’t think I, nor my friend, have ever waken up this early, naturally. I mean sure, set an alarm and I’m up at the crack of dawn. But never has my body decided, all on its own, to wake up at an early 8:30am.

We began our morning with some delicious Costa Rican coffee and Nesquick (my families staple). We decided to skip breakfast since we were full from the whole chicken we devoured the day before.

We made our way to the beautiful Playa (beach) Samara.

Boy oh boy, was it a hot one. The temperature got to a very scalding 31oC. Just a reminder that this is winter climate. Before we left Canada, the summer climate was only 24oC. Let that sink in.

We sat on the beach, or rather laid on the beach, soaking up all the sun our tiny bodies could take in. We asked the locals about the surfing lessons (which we plan on taking), had a quick dip in the very warm water, and even played around with a frisbee. Just for the record, I am awesome at frisbee, although my friend would probably disagree.

For lunch, we found a very popular vegan restaurant called Luv Burger. It came in handy since my friend is everything-intolerant. It was also a very good choice considering the food was delicious. We ordered two platters, a Goddess Salad, you know, for the two goddesses who ordered them, and a Humus platter. The Goddess salad was exquisite. Made with cooked mushrooms, cashew cheese, avocado, lettuce, and quino. My goodness, I can taste the salad now…

After a beautiful morning at the beach, and before heading back to our villa, we made our way to the excursion office. We booked a beautiful day hike for tomorrow that will take us to a waterfall only reachable during the rainy season. Pictures to come tomorrow. After that, we wondered through some little shops where I was able to buy a sweet little gift for my significant other.

A long and tiring day, and it was only 2 in the afternoon! So naturally, we perched over by the pool to swim, tan, take candids of each other, and read from our books.

The day ended with a delicious breakfast-for-dinner. My lovely friend made us some sunny side up eggs with toast and avocado.

This is Paradise.

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