My Trip to Costa Rica

Here we are. We made it. My friend and I have started our long awaited trip to the beautiful South American country of Costa Rica. We got up at an early 4:20 in the morning to catch our 8:30am flight.

My friend actually initiated the trip out here. After a sour break up, she was granted a trip from her ex for a week long vacation in this beautiful country. I jokingly (but also seriously) mentioned to her wouldn’t it be fun if we both went? Grinning ear to ear, my best friend of 10 years said “oh my god, we’re booking your flight.” She had quite the perk of getting business class with a bonus stay at the Air Canada Rouge Lounge. We found out at the airport that she was able to bring a guest, so lucky me, I got to join her at the lounge with my measly little economy package. The lounge had a buffet. All you can eat breakfast food. We were in airport heaven!

A smooth five hour flight got us all the way to Liberia airport where we then took a two hour drive to reach our destination, Samara. A few months back we decided on renting an Airbnb that happened to be the most gorgeous place to stay out here in Playa Samara (pictures to come tomorrow). It was perfect. It has a beautiful pool, a yoga studio, hammocks everywhere, and of course, an outdoor kitchen.

As soon as we arrived we walked our way into the town that was only five minutes from our Airbnb. We had a delicious, long awaited, lunch at a little restaurant called pollolandia. For 12 USD we ate an entire chicken (well, we ate half and saved the rest for later), 4 sides of fries (don’t ask…) and a 2L bottle of Pepsi. Good deal if you ask me. We ventured out to the beach to take a quick look and made our way back to a grocery store. We bought all the essentials. Eggs, toast, fruits, veggies, mangos, tequila, and a jug of water. We decided to try and take full advantage of the outdoor kitchen by cooking our own dinner meals. We made our way back to our villa and lounged on our hammocks for three hours. Much needed vacation, I’ll say!

We ended the night by grabbing a bike and riding our way back into town for a delicious mango sorbet.

For those of you who don’t know, the seasons work a little differently out here in South America. Our (Canadian) summer is their winter and vice versa. So even though it is mid June, we’re in the middle of winter here. But alas, winter here is still a whooping 30oC. The only down fall, it’s rain season. Which means we probably wont be getting much sun. Not to fret though, the incredibly warm temperature definitely makes up for it.

Tomorrow, we plan on visiting the beach and inquiring about the beautiful excursion that we can venture into. No need to set an alarm here, we have howler monkeys for that!


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