My Uncle John from Jamaica Keeps on Calling Everday

Ok, first things first, I do not have an Uncle names John and he certainly does not live in Jamaica. Actually, my entire family resides back home in Argentina. So really, the title of this post is just incredibly inaccurate. However, one cannot deny the absolute banger that is Uncle John From Jamaica by the Venga Boys. Oh you don’t know who that is? Welp. I’m not going anywhere.

(This is where you open your YouTube app and listen to the Venga Boys)

So now that that is out of the way, let’s get to the real meat of this post.

I’m not going to Jamaica, although I have been and it is beyond beautiful. I even got to smoke a joint and eat a pot brownie in Bob Marley’s very house. Oh the nostalgia… But alas, Jamaica is not the tropical destination of this years trip. Instead, my destination of choice is the wonderful Costa Rica.

I say wonderful only because I haven’t actually been there yet so I have nothing to reference. I mean lets face it, whenever I go on an intricate trip, I write multiple posts of how wonderful it all is (not to worry, those posts will come once I actually arrive).

This trip is different, not only from my trip to England and Ireland but also my family trips all around the world. This is my first trip where I get to travel with a friend. It is also my first trip that I’m not travelling to some area int he world where a family member is residing (seeing how both my brothers were in England and Ireland when I got there). This trip is my own with my friend and it will be awesome.

This trip is also quite different from my past trips because I have decided to stray from the typical resort and hotel accommodations. Instead, my friend and I have decided to AirBnB it. Why you might ask? Well, let us break it down.

The airfare to get to, and then come back from, Costa Rica cost me a total of $550. The AirBnB cost me a total of $375. The specialized taxi car arranged by our AirBnB host to pick us up from the airport cost me another $75. So all in all, this one week trip to beautiful Costa Rica cost me $1,000. Granted, I’ve still got to save some spending money for excursions and buying souvenirs for my family and friends. But there is no denying that, for being a young age of 21 years old, I am able to travel to a beautiful country of the world for only a thousand dollars. Those who say travelling when your young is hard, well, you just need to have the courage to set money aside and go live out your travelling dreams.

How did I get a trip for so cheap, you ask? (Or maybe you didn’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway) I followed the advice that I offered you all in another post which you can find by simply clicking here. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive, work with what you have and you’ll find that you can make a memorable, exotic trip sooner than you realize.

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