100 Hunters

Wow. Golly. Gee whiz. Jeez Louis. Holy moly.

I’ve been writing posts for you all for almost a year now. That is a long time. I finally reached a milestone! Not a very large one considering how long I’ve been writing but it’s no competition. I’m just glad to be here and glad that you all are here.

Today, I reached 100 amazing readers who stumbled across my blog and clicked the follow button.

One-hundred of you decided I was funny or interesting enough to keep around for a little while longer.

One-hundred of you value the ramblings that go on through my head that I vomit onto wordpress.

One-hundred of you are awesome.

One-hundred of you are my favourite humans.

This post is a thank you to those of you who have stuck around during my hiatus. This post is a thank you to those who have stuck around my craziness. This post is a thank you for giving me the motivation to continually post on here.

Thank you.

Here’s to another one-hundred!

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