Get This Man A Shield.

Here we go.

Hold on to your tater tots and vodka cranberry’s because Marvel just DID THAT.

I’m not even sure where to begin with this one. As many of my fellow readers know, I have previously written only one movie review on this blog (that being Black Panther). Forgive me if this critique is not quite what you were looking for but alas, you’ll have to make due until you watch this master piece for yourself.

Where to begin. Well since this is a spoiler free review, we’ll have to avoid all the massive spoilers like so and so dying. If you haven’t guessed already, based on the theories of Chris Evans only having however many movies left due to his contract (which apparently the entirety of the world doesn’t think he could renew it if he wanted to?), there are some major character deaths in this movie. But in all honesty, they were none that I personally expected. Let me begin with, anything you think you know about this movie, you don’t actually know. Chuck everything you know, all the theories you saw on instagram, all the articles you read from LADBible, all the speculations from post-credit scenes, chuck them so far out the window because it’s all wrong. Like all of it. I’ve seen every Marvel movie at least twice, except Thor Ragnarok (because of how God awful it was) and let me tell you how incredibly wrong I was about it all. Back to the deaths, didn’t see any of them coming at any point during the movie.

As far as the story line, I think the whole team behind this movie did a fantastic job making sure it was incredibly easy to follow along. There were some aspects of the story that didn’t add up, however were clarified shortly after they were mentioned in the first place. The story did a fantastic job at incorporating every aspect of every recent Marvel movie. The story does take place across various settings which can often be hard to address. Having to go back and forth between settings can be tedious and frankly annoying when you’ve got giant block letters describing each setting. However, this movie does a particularly great job at ensuring that this doesn’t become a problem. Bouncing between settings is done in an aesthetically appealing way so that you’ve never lost, trying to figure out what place you’re at. Although necessary, since the story does take place throughout the entire universe, the visual representation of switching settings is done at a minimum.

The special effects were incredible. Although, there was one particular scene that did an incredible sloppy job at merging a particular character with the background (green screens aren’t perfect). Frankly, that one scene did seem like the editing team completed a half-assed job. However, all in all, the CGI was incredible. It all looked so real. I could really imagine myself there, with these characters, in real-time, experiencing these places and objects with them.

This movie is not short of action. I believe the movie was perfectly balanced. Being two hours and thirty minutes long, it was half dialogue, half action packed, punch you in the gut, hang on the edge of your seat, hair on the back of your neck standing on the edge with you, PACKED with all the action you will ever need in your entire life. Let me tell you just how amazing the action was. You get to see all kinds of pairings that would have never crossed your mind to begin with. I mean seriously, everyone is thinking that Falcon and Winter Soldier are the snazziest pairing since Civil War, wait till you see the new dynamic duo I never knew I wanted: Okoye and Black Widow. TRUST ME, they belong together forever.

Aside from the story, the action, and the CGI, the movie was just the right amount of funny. The jokes were tasteful, they weren’t forced, and they certainly had plenty of kick. It sometimes is hard to find the balance in such an intense and highly anticipated movie. Perhaps this is what made me so disappointed with Thor Ragnarok. If you want to get a sense of the humour, just imagine the embodiment of every joke made in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies so perfectly executed in Avengers Infinity War. All the jokes were actually funny and genuinely up lifting. No joke was made at the wrong time, in the middle of a terribly sad scene. The writers really knew when to separate the humour from the action packed, kick ass scenes.

Aside from all that information, since this is spoiler free, the only thing that I can reveal to you is: Don’t leave the theatre when it’s over. Just because there is a part two (said to be released May 4th 2019), there is a very interesting post credit scene involving a particular hero we won’t see until next year.

After seeing this movie, I do hold many theories since the ending is kind of a kick-you-in-the-face-how-could-you-just-end-it-there-WHAT-THE-F*** moment. Many theories involve information that may not even be relevant anymore. Much of this ambiguity may come from the fact that there are two Marvel movies to be released before Part Two (Ant Man and the Wasp & Captain Marvel), but also, ambiguity from past post-credit scenes. Remember, Guardians of the Galaxy V2 had 5 post-credit scenes that I’m trying to decide if they have any impact on this movie. But alas, this is merely speculation because honestly, after watching that, I have no fricken idea.

Marvel did a fantastic job at covering up their tracks and seriously letting our creativity go wild with the theories we have come up with. But in all honesty, I am a Marvel junkie and let me tell you just how wrong every single theory out there is. I suggest going into this movie with a blank mind.

If you aren’t a Marvel junkie, this movie may be hard to follow along. This movie was made to be the “closure” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So if you’re looking for just some random, fun superhero movie, I would suggest Black Panther or Doctor Strange (fantastic stand alone movies). This movie is meant to tie in literally every MCU movie made so far so unless you’ve seen them all, you’re going to get quite confused. I honestly recommend a Marvel binge before you go see this movie.

All in all, I give this movie a 9.7/10

One thought on “Get This Man A Shield.

  1. John Siebelink says:

    I hardly found anything wrong with it at all, even after a few viewings. Sure there were some fanboy things I wanted to whine about and everything but other than that I think the bar has been raised. Not only for superhero movies but for movies in general. Next year can’t get here quick enough.


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