April Updates

What a week.

Hello my fellow hunters, wow am I glad to be back here once again. Maybe you did or maybe you didn’t notice, but I took what I like to call a “me week.” My last exam was last Tuesday and I took the rest of the week off. Like, from everything. I avoided the gym, I avoided my books, I avoided my blog, I avoided anything that required brain energy. Which means I stuck to hanging out with my friends during the day and bingeing supernatural at night.

It feels odd to come back to my blog after a week since, well it’s only been one week. But alas, I feel like quite a lot has happened throughout this week. I suppose that makes this a long overdue Life Update post. I was planning on having monthly updates but frankly, nothing exciting happened to me until a few weeks ago so we can just skip January and February.

Chronologically speaking, The first major life event of the year was that I vacationed in Europe by myself, in February. It was my first every trip out of the country where I was on my own. I mean, sure I went to go see my brothers but they were busy with school and I had to practically manage Europe by myself. It was bundles of fun. I won’t go in depth about my trip since I have individual blog posts for each day of my trip that you can find here, here, here, here, here, and here. Saddle up, the trip was intense.

Next came March, which had a few memorable events to offer. For one, I rekindled an old friendship with someone whom I’ve missed dearly. To add to that, we planned a trip to Costa Rica. That’s right. I spontaneously book myself another flight to another country for another seven days. The flight to Costa Rica and back only cost me around $600 (following my amazing tips for cheaper travels), and the AirBnB we’ll be staying at cost me another $400. So all around, Costa Rica cost me a little over $1,000 for airfare and accommodations. That’s a steal if you ask me. We’ve decided to stay for 5 days in a lovely beach town called Samara. It is much more local than our second destination, a more touristic town called Tamarindo. You can imagine just how touristic Tamarindo is once you find out many travellers call it Tamagringo. Regardless, we’re only staying there for two days since we’d much rather stay in a more local town. We fly out June 12th.

The last piece of life update that I can share with you all is one I hesitate to share. Not because I’m ashamed, but because, I get all giddy and gross when I talk about it. I prefer to keep these things to myself until I’m sure about them but then again, I made this blog with the intent to talk about things I’d usually never share. Here goes nothing. This bear is dating again. Yes. You read that right. I am dating. For those of you who read Love and the Socially Awkward Part 2, you’ll know first hand that my last encounter with Cupid was incredibly disappointing (I was dumped). This time, I’m approaching it differently, with caution. From what I gather of this new man in my life, he is also very cautious and very honest. He emphasized that he was interested in getting to know me rather than getting to know my body. His friends gush about how he always talks about me and that they’re happy he’s spending his time with a girl like me. I can already tell this one is different from the last and I can’t help but feel happy and relieved. I mean, from the get go I knew the last one was going fast and I was hesitant, but this one is different. I don’t feel rushed, I don’t feel pressured, I’m actually quite comfortable. Not to worry, as soon as I get any update on this front, I’ll be sure to write you all a post about it.

Aside from those 3 life changing events, nothing new or remotely interesting has happened. I’m still the same old bear, back at it again three times a week for some quality content.

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