Don’t Have A Niche? You’re Not Alone

As I was waiting for my class to begin, i was scrolling through WordPress’ community pool. A lovely area for bloggers to share their latest posts with the community of wordpress. It was fun to read many of the entries that I came across scrolling through the list. One thing that I noticed, was that everyone had a theme. Every blog had a niche. Whether they were poets posting their poem of the day, whether they were photographers posting their photo of the day, writers interested in politics giving their opinion on recent political issues, bloggers interested in healthy living posting their healthy recipes, work-out routines, meditation techniques. Every blog has a theme and so they gain followers based on their themes. Here’s the thing. I don’t have a niche.

I have interests. I like to talk about topics in psychology, I touch on topics in sociology, law, I discuss my travel experiences, my personal experiences. However, I don’t have one particular, narrow field of writing that I want to commit to. Maybe I’m scared of commitment (my ex would probably tell you that), but I can’t help but think that by specializing in one field, I’m going to miss out on the great topics of other fields. Sure I recently got motivated into gym and fitness, but do I want to specialize in just posts about getting into gear? Absolutely not, but I will share my experiences at the gym if I feel like writing about it. I also recently got interested into law and crime but do I want to specialize in criminal activity as a theme for my blog? Hell no, but i will occasionally discuss some aspects of crime. If you’ve been reading my Dope Series you might come to think I’m a pharmacist or some weirdo that’s really into drugs (I’m not). I just like to take what I learn and codify it here, on my blog, for you all. I like to dabble. Focusing on one theme for the rest of my life, well that is a fate worse than death.

Metaphor for my life.

No, really. I just realized this is the metaphor for my life.

I’ve switched my undergrad a total of 3 times since beginning 4 years ago. I started off in Life Sciences. Switched to a double major in biology and psychology. Switched to specializing in psychology. Finally, switched to a double major in psychology and criminology. I love biology, I do. Learning about genetics, mutations, adaptations, anatomy, the power house of the cell, all of it are topics I love to learn about. Problem? I got bored studying the same thing over and over again. So I took a psychology course. Actually, I took 8 psychology courses. I’m not quite bored of it yet since there is so much to learn in the field of psychology but here I am again, looking for some new thrill. So I did what any rational being would do. I took 4 criminology courses and oh my am I in love. But how long will this last?

My point here is, I don’t think I have a niche or a passion. I just have interest in expanding my horizons to include as many interesting topics as I can possibly fit into my brain. Who knows, maybe I just haven’t found my passion yet, but I just cant imagine spending the rest of my life doing one thing. This bear needs change. This bear needs diversity. This bear is dynamic. This bear cannot commit to only one thing.

Unless it is travelling.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Have A Niche? You’re Not Alone

  1. Alain Marcel says:

    I definitely see the upside in not having a niche, which is the ability to talk about a diverse range of topics.

    However, I find that having a niche helps with specializing your content and having a specific target audience.

    I am enjoying your content thus far.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cucabear says:

      I agree with both your points. I canโ€™t cater to a particular audience if I donโ€™t have specialized content but at the same time I love the liberty of not being tied down to just one particular theme or topic.
      Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. zeckrombryan says:

    I think my niche is writing from anything to everything, anything that wants to be written out, everything that speaks my soul. Really love the way that you manage your blog, and your writings really speak your heart. I really like those weekly posts that you do as a staple of the blog, giving your blog an identity of itself. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with the readers. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

    Liked by 1 person

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