Video of the Week



I was shown this video in my previous Health Psychology class and is probably the only information that I’ve actually retained from that class. Not only is this speaker able to incorporate humour into this talk to make it more engaging, but he tackles incredibly important topics that people often overlook. Everything I have every believed about happiness and success was perfectly articulated in this ted talk. I have shared it with my friends, family, and class mates because it could not be closer to the truth. We don’t need to be successful to be happy. We can be happy, and success will follow.

2 thoughts on “Video of the Week

  1. Moms bear says:

    Best talk I heard in a long time, we should all focus more on happiness and personal achivements rather than so call  »success ». Remeber compare yourself to what u where in the past not to other people in the current moment! Love u bear!

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