I Tried 33 Year Old Whiskey

Day 5

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Bear, you skipped day 4. While that is technically true, I have an explanation. The day before yesterday was a very long, boring day that actually  had nothing going on at all. In the morning I went to the train station to get from York to Manchester, I then waited at the airport for 2 hours waiting for my plane that would take me to Dublin. The plane ride itself was 45 minutes. Customs in Dublin took about an hour and a half and the traffic to get from the airport to my brother’s place was another hour and a half. So by the time I actually got to my brother’s place, it was already 6 o’clock in the afternoon. We played some over watch and then went out for nachos with his friends.

The real fun began the next day (yesterday). It was a long day. My brother still has classes so I was pretty much on my own for the day.

I began the day with Dublin’s infamous free walking tour. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a free tour that takes you throughout the major streets of Dublin by foot. I’m not much of a history person so I’m going to be honest with you, I did not find it that interesting. The tour guide was just spitting dates at use at too fast a speed to even digest the knowledge he was gracing us with. It was also incredibly cold and should probably be renamed the standing tour. There were some interesting facts that he touched upon, like at one point in the early 1900’s, 40% of the Irish population had orange hair. This had to do with one of the human genes interacting with the volcanic environment of that time. He also informed us that the Irish are incredibly well known for being late. In fact, they were 7 minutes late to their own Independence Day. The tour guide also gave a jab out to Conor McGregor, who apparently participated in unemployment fraud before his days as a fighter. He would claim unemployment benefits, consisting of a weekly salary of 180£, while also making money under the table (cash payments). The tour guide called McGregor the ultimate mooch.

Halfway into the tour we stopped for lunch. Well, the tour stopped for lunch, I stopped the tour. I went to the campus that my brother was at so that we could meet up and go to lunch. His friend and his friend’s girlfriend tagged along. We went to a lovely little diner that was owned by a single chef. He cooked all the meals himself, which may explain why it took so long, but it was definitaly worth the wait. I had a Thousand Islands Tuna Burrita. It was delicious.

After lunch, we walked through the city of Dublin and found our way into Trinity College which is one of the University’s of Dublin (my brother goes to the Royal College of Surgeons). We saw the beaitufl architecture of the college and continued into the incredibly famous Old Library that is also home to the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells is a gospel book written in Latin believed to have been written in 800 AD. It is a manuscript containing the four gospels of the New Testament. The Book is said to be Irelands finest national treasure.

Eventually, we made our way back to my brother’s campus where I sat in at one of his lectures about human anatomy. The topic of the day was lungs. They showed us pictures of what different kinds of lungs can look like. Those that are large and red are incredibly healthy. Those that were small and mostly black probably belonged to a heavy smoker.

From the lecture we walked around the Dublin streets as my brother would point out some famous or interesting looking buildings for me to take note of. He even taught me how to differentiate Gothic architecture from Romanesque architecture. Gothic arches have a point while Romanesque arches are round.

Our journey through the streets of Dublin concluded at a lovely Whiskey Distillery located just in front of my brother’s residence building. They gave us a tour of the distillery itself and taught us how they actually make the whiskey. It requires 3 ingredients: grains, water, and yeast. First, you mix the grains in with water at a high temperature with consistent stirring for approximately 6 hours. This is what creates the taste. The water absorbs the sugars of the grains. The mixture is then sent into a fermenter to sit for 4-5 days, allowing all the of carbon dioxide to escape the mixture naturally. This removes the fizziness. Lastly, the fermented mixture is sent over to the last 3 machines that purify it. The first machine will boil the mixture at 91 degrees. This is because alcohol has a lower boiling point than water. The evaporated alcohol makes its way to a tube located at the side of the machine where it collide with an incredibly cold surface. The cold surface will allow the evaporated alcohol to condensate. This condensates alcohol is then sent to another machine and this purifying process is done again, only this time, at a lower boiling point. This process occurs a total of 3 times to create a whiskey that is 86% alcohol (crazy, I know). Of course, whiskey is not 86% alcohol because they age it for many years. This aging process adds taste to the whiskey, but also decreases the alcohol percentage of the whiskey. My brother ended up buying a bottle for him and his friends.

We then made our way to my brother’s apartment where we relaxed after a long day of touristic and academic activities. Our last adventure of the night was simply a nice dinner at an Indian restaurant, Pickle. I had the butter chicken, which was not only so incredibly spicy that I was actually crying, but it was also so good. I’ve actually been to India and let me tell you, this restaurant was so authentic, you wouldn’t even need to go to India just to get a taste of the food. However, I do think you should go to India because you wont find that kind of culture anywhere else.

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