Johnny Depp’s Favourite Bar

Day 3

Today was a busy day.

We started off the day bright and early. We got up at about 9:30 in the morning and made our way to the bus stop across the street. What can we say, we’re students on a budget. We took the bus all the way to the York University (Law School) campus where we attended a European Law Lecture. Not only was it incredibly hard to understand because I’m not yet used to the English accent, granted the lecturer wasn’t even English he was Norwegian, but law works quite differently in England. This is because England (although currently working on making a dramatic exit) is part of the European Union. Which means that any legal issue can be, not only taken to a national level court within England, but also taken to an international court representing the European Union (and as a result, every country within the EU). I obviously did not know this and was incredibly confused when the lecturer started discussing why a Finnish case was being tried in England under European Law.

After I figured all of that out, thanks to much explanation from my brother, I actually understood the entire lecture. Just give me my Law degree now.

Anyway, after that lecture we made our way to the school library to admire how incredibly large and complex it is, then made our way to the court yard. The court yard was the university’s student pub (no we did not go day drinking). I had a delicious Brie and Bacon Panini bathed in a delicious cranberry sauce.

From the courtyard we made our way to the York Castle. A beautifully historical piece of architecture. Although heavily warn down, it is what remains of an old Viking castle that was used as a last “hiding spot” when under attack. It is located atop a massive hill making it kind of hard to miss. Right beside it was the York Town Hall and Crown Court. We tried getting into a trial at the court but unfortunately, there were none going on.

From the crown court we made our way to the York Dungeons. Now, here we were, 1 person who lives in York (my brother) and 1 tourist (me), we were convinced the York dungeons were a tour of actual Viking dungeons from back in the day. We were obviously wrong. It was actually a really fun, interactive, exaggeration of Viking history. By interactive, I mean they literally called upon us to take part in their skits and roles. My brother was placed in a dungeon cell, he had his head “cut off,” and some Viking made fun of his hair (don’t even ask, yes it is that bad). We made it out with enough time to catch a historical amusement ride of sorts called Jorvik. It started off as a museum type setting, where they brought us from room to room to look at what was left of Viking houses, Viking tools that were discovered through escavation, and even a reconstruction of some bone remains. We proceeded through the historical tour via a mechanical ride that explained how Viking houses used to be step up, the way families were structured, the kinds of jobs they had in a community, and the likes. Jorvik was interesting but was no match for the York Dungeons.

We decided to end the long, busy day with a drink (because if you haven’t guessed yet, York is literally the binge-drinking city of England – so I’ve been told by the people who live there). There were two options: The House Of Trembling Madness and Evil Eye. They both have stories. They say that the House Of Tembling Madness, signifying the medical condition of Delerium Tremends, was the bar in which many Vikings would die of alcohol withdrawal, represented by severe shaking and eventually death. On the other hand, there was the Evil Eye, which is rumoured to be Johnny Depps favourite pub in York. So naturally we chose Evil Eye because, well, Johnny Depp has been there. You’ll see by the pictures below that this bar was incredibly stacked with any kind of liquor you can imagine. The entire back wall was dedicated to the over 40 bottles of liquor needed for the many drinks available on the menu. My brother and I asked what drink Johnny Depp would get and the bartenders quickly debunked the rumour. The story actually goes that Johnny Depp had only visited that bar once and it was while he was filming Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

After one drink, we went back to my brothers house and relaxed on the sofa watching the Champions League match of Chelsea vs. Barcelona.


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