I Only Love My King and Wakanda, I’m Sorry

Day 2

The second day did not go quite as spectacularly as the first day. For one, we didn’t leave the house until about 7:30 that night. No complaints, just spitting facts.

We stayed in for a few reasons:

1. I had a severe panic attack the night before and was still getting my mental health in order,
2. My brother and I were slightly hungover,
3. We were just kind of lazy.

So instead of going out, we stayed in and had a chill day at the house with my brothers house mates. We played a few games of Catan, a few games of Overwatch, and played some games on our phones.

The real fun came after we had a typical, collegiate dinner (turkey nuggets). We decided  we didn’t want to waste the entire day so we hopped in an Uber and made our way to the closest cinema.

I feel like Canada is very sheltered compared to the rest of the world. I mean, I discussed in my last post how the bartenders do things differently in their careers from the average Canadian, but I think that the English just do everything to one up Canada. There was a fully functional, super elegant, absolutely breathtaking bar at the entrance to the cinema. The seats were practically la-z-boy couches with incredibly fluffy pillows. The couches in front of you had wooden boards protruding outward to make a footrest. The waitresses would order your food and bring it out to you during the movie. It was incredible.

My brother and I decided to watch Black Panther, mostly because I’m a huge Marvel fan. Since this day wasn’t as eventful as one would have hoped, this post will have to be a movie review (don’t worry I wont spoil anything).

The movie itself was incredible. The cast was absolutely impeccable, as it should be since the movie has gotten incredible feedback due to the predominantly African-American cast. You can really tell that the costume designer had done his/her research prior to the movie to ensure that they get the styling of Africa done to perfection. The dialogue of the movie was amazing. The jokes were presented at perfect times and never felt forced (can’t say the same for Thor: Ragnarok, it was literally the worst movie I have ever seen). Again, you can tell from the dialogue that the cast were friends and comfortable with each other. It was not like seeing a movie, it was like actually being there and being a part of their conversations and dialogue. The accents were amazing. It can be quite hard for everyone that many cast members to mimic each other’s accents. Furthermore, Chadwick Bosman once stated in an interview that his accent is completely his own (not literally his, he made it up for the sake of the character). The villain was just *kisses fingers* delicioso. He had passion, he had anger, he had motive, he had a beautiful backstory. It wasn’t forced. The movie and its characters came together like a beautiful piece of art by Van Gogh.

I think my favourite part of this movie (in terms of actual content) was the fact that it was an actual stand alone movie. You don’t need to watch prior movies (Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, etc.) to understand what happens. Many of the new Marvel movies mix the characters. Hulk and Doctor Strange in Thor Ragnarok, Iron Man in Spiderman, practically the entire cast of Avengers in Captain American Civil War, I just want one movie, where there is no mix. Where you get the raw story of one hero. Blank Panther does that and it does that so fabulously. As well as you see that the Black Panther is not alone. The Black Panther is his team and those that stand behind him.

I would highly recommend watching this movie, even if you are not a Marvel fan. It is simply a superhero movie that was done perfectly right.

I give it a 10/10


9 thoughts on “I Only Love My King and Wakanda, I’m Sorry

  1. Anuj ! says:

    I come bearing gifts this Thursday.

    It’s a bit of a double delight situation; because you’re part of my Chosen 11 for February!

    It’s definitely not as cool as it sounds, you’re only nominated for both a Versatile Blogger Award AND a Sunshine Blogger Award. And I’m a bit of a difficult fan to have, so I’m looking forward to your post(s) regarding these awards.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have fun with the questions; make them yours; own em. But seriously, I remember feeling so under-pressure when I got my first nomination; and I completely understand if you choose not to. It’s seriously just for the fun of it, and of a healthy, lively blogging community. (great traffic count increaser too, I might add)
    Your participation, as always, is up to you. I’ll read whatever you have to share, Award post or not.

    Happy blogging! 😊

    (Here’s the links to my nominations for further details:
    https://achlamydialist.wordpress.com/2018/02/01/versatile-blogger-award-x2/ )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cucabear says:

      Wow I’ve never been nominated before! Is there a deadline? I’m travelling at the moment so won’t be able to get to this for another few days but I’d love to participate!
      Thank you for the nomination!!

      Liked by 1 person

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