Midterm Season aka Hell Week

It was no easy feat but alas, I have emerged undefeated. After much anticipation, the dreadful week was upon me. There is no other way to explain this 5 day period other than utter exhaustion, stress, and irritability. But this week has a name. A name that once uttered, could cause the boogie-man (or boogie-person as Trudeau would say) to quake. A name that could even leave he who shall not be named to fear for his very existence. That, my dear readers, is what we in academia refer to as Hell Week.

Of course, hell week does not just exist within a single week, that would be too reasonable. Unless you’re unlucky. In which case, I was unlucky. Hell week is actually given a time frame of the few weeks before the February Spring Break. You see these are the weeks where the professors schedule all of the assignments and midterms. So when I say that I was unlucky, I mean all of my midterms (4 to be exact) were to be written all in the same week.

We students like to exercise what in criminology is referred to as postponement. Postponement is a justification that shoplifters like to use. Instead of admitting their guilt, they postpone it.

”Why did you steal that mood ring?”

”I’d rather not think about it.”

”You don’t understand, it was literally one dollar.”

From personal experience, I can tell you students engage in this thinking all the time when it comes to hell week.

”Mercy me, I have 2 exams the week before reading week. It’s going to be hell.”

”Listen, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Well let me tell you, we arrived at that bridge at lightening speed. My first exam was Monday. I had been preparing for that exam for 2 weeks. Seems a little excessive don’t you think? To which I would typically agree with you. But then Tuesday came along and I had not one, but two exams. So during the time that I had to study for my Monday exam, I also had to find time for my Tuesday exams. Not like the timing helped. One was at 9 in the morning. The other was at 11. I got out of my second exam and I said to my self, I get to go home and sleep. That was until the harsh reality kicked in that there was still one last dreadful exam awaiting to be written on Friday.

So much material. So little motivation. There was not light at the end of the tunnel. Well actually there was, it was just so far away that it looked as prominent as a start shining on a cloudy night.

But alas, I have emerged undefeated. If I can survive the stressors of endless amounts of criminological material, than you too can survive your assignment deadlines, your midterms, and your evaluations.

I have reached the light at the end of my tunnel and it is Spring Break. So by the time you’re reading this, I’ll be at a pub in York, England.

Somewhere, there is a pint with your name on it. I can’t promise I wont drink it when I finish mine.

Goodluck you studious kids and have a wonderful SPRING BREAK.

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