Who Do You Love?

It is that time of year again, where the roses bloom extra red and hopeless romance is in the air. Yes, it is Valentine’s Day. A holiday represented by a baby with wings who, for some reason, has the knowledge and power to bring two unsuspecting victims together in the holiest of ways. Pulling back on his bow, he shoots two passionate arrows, navigated by the power of love, that find their way to two individuals matched by destiny. How romantic, and to think there is an entire day dedicated to this passionate love.

Many people go about this day by cozying up next to their partner, their fiancé, their wife or husband, or their crush they’ve been stalking for months and finally had the courage to ask out. Why wouldn’t you? I mean, for some reason going on out on a date on this very day is much different than going out on a date on any other day. Well duh, it’s Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to love.

So if you’re like me, and you’re horribly single, can you not celebrate Valentine’s Day? Are you required to sit at home by yourself, or with a single friend in your same position, and consume dangerously high levels of chocolate? Are we required to just sit back and watch everyone be hopelessly in love? I’ve decided against it. I’ve decided against my typical order-heart-shaped-pizza kind of Valentine’s Day celebration. Because I’ve come to realize something as the day of love inches closer and closer. This revelation came from a video I once saw many years ago.

The video was of a young man, maybe in his freshman year of high school, and he asked his fellow classmates: What do you love? He allowed people to answer. Some people answered my family, my friends, my dog, my cat, my boyfriend, my girlfriend, my significant other. Others answered my car, my phone, a song I heard on the radio, beer, getting an A on a paper. After much answering, the young man noticed something and he concluded by saying, how long is it going to take you all to say “I love myself?”

I think about this a lot. Maybe people didn’t include themselves because it’s inherent to think of ourselves as being loved. But then why would we have to clarify that we love our families? Isn’t that a given? Maybe we overlook ourselves when we analyze the things that matter most to us. But why? Are we not good enough in our own eyes to tell ourselves every once in a while hey me, I love you.

So seeing as Valentine’s Day is a day about celebrating the traits of the people we love and showing our appreciation and affection to the people that we love, I am celebrating this Valentine’s Day by showing the ultimate appreciation to person I love most.


Because you matter and you need to learn to love yourself. Because if you love yourself, you won’t need someone else’s love to validate you. Because if you love yourself, you’ll always have a date for Valentine’s Day.

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