Looking Back on 2017 to Take on 2018

As someone relatively new to the blogging world, it seems the new year trend is to have a post that looks back on the memories of 2017. A quick glimpse into the past year and all I can say is same old, same old. Just like every year, I went to school every weekday, hung out with friends on the weekend, studied for midterms and exams, procrastinated heavily on many assignments (but completing them all), and working during the summer. In all honesty, for most of the year, it was a typical year. However, really sitting down and thinking about some events that have taken place throughout the year and I have to admit, this year was not quite like any other. I mean, this year I still went to school, did my homework, hung out with my friends, and worked, but I also had my first boyfriend, started this blog, got into many disagreements (to put it lightly) with my parents, met a whole bunch of new people, and experienced a whole bunch of new things.

For one, for the first year ever, I celebrated my birthday by actually going out. Now I know, that might not seem like a big deal, but I have to admit was. My friend got me those gold numbered balloons, we got an airbnb in Niagara Falls, went to a (male) strip club and then continued the party from our airbnb until 7am the next morning. All my previous birthdays have been at home with my parents. I figured 21 was a bold enough birthday to celebrate the way I did. I got into a relationship with my first ever boyfriend and was also dumped by my first boyfriend within the same month (no hard feelings so laugh all you want). I went to my first boat party in Toronto. I witnessed my friend get engaged to the man she is in love with (and was the first to post it on social media). I went on an incredible trip with my mother to Cartagena, Colombia. I got my motorcycle licence and joined a “biker gang.” My beautiful baby bird Rocco that was only 5 years old, passed away in my very hands. I got a tattoo, and lastly, I starred in a famous youtubers video (to which I am not sharing).

So really, my year was quite eventful and although to many it may sound like just your average year, it was for from it for me. As an incredibly introverted and shy person, I feel that this year was the year I cracked open my shell. This broke my introverted seal and opened me up to a whole new world of mystery and adventure. I also learned so much about the people I spend my time with, the tasks that are required of me for my job, I’ve learned to value my time and respect when it comes to relationships, but most of all, I feel like I learned about myself through this blog. Writing about my endeavours, my feelings, my experiences, my unfiltered opinions, reading your feedback, my family’s feedback, and self-reflecting of my values as I come up with post ideas, has really opened me up to what goes on inside my own shambled thoughts.

To finish off this post I have compiled a small list of New Years resolutions.

  • Become healthier – cut out the bad sugars and junk food, exercise more often and meditate
  • Take up a writing workshop – although I started this blog on a whim as something to pass the time, it has become a part of me that I was to explore
  • Seek help when I need it – as someone who is not shy to anxiety attacks and anhedonic episodes, I will put my mental health first
  • Put myself first – this is a no brainer, I tend to put everybody above myself and it’s time I take care of myself
  • Engage in social extracurriculars – join a school club, writers workshop
  • Be the bright side – as my mother says literally everyday: I just want you to be happy

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