Are We Alone?

What an interesting question to ponder. If I’m going to be honest here, my inspiration to write this post comes from watching the movie Valerian and The City of A Thousand Planets. The movie itself was quite terrible. What the movie lacked in a properly developed plot, it attempted to make up for it in its incredibly great quality graphics. Unfortunately, the graphics were not enough to redeem the movie (all in all, I give the movie 1.5 stars). That is besides the point. However not-my-cup-of-tea that movie was, it did make me ponder something quite out of this world (excuse my pun). The intro to the movie depicts a sequence of consecutive meetings between the human race and various other alien races throughout the years. Picture Star Trek meets Avatar. These “meetings” kept the peace between the species depicted. As the sequence went on, the alien races shown became less humanoid and more what you imagine when you think of aliens. Little green Martians, big blue martians, even some cyborgs. This got me to thinking about aliens and whether or not they really exist.

A few years ago, an interesting picture popped up on my Facebook page that read: We’re either completely alone in the universe or we’re not and I don’t know which we should fear more. Scary to think about isn’t it? We are either the only living species in the entire universe or there is another species out there that we quite possibly may never make contact with. Imagine that. I mean, forget about which is more frightening, I’m much more interested in which is more likely to be true. Are we more likely to be alone or to be just another one of Gods attempt at a perfect species (for you atheists out there. replace God with nature, evolution, or Charles Darwin). For just a moment, really think about it. The universe is truly infinite. We couldn’t possibly know just how far the corner of outer space reaches. How could we? Are we that narcissistic to believe that amongst the entire cosmos, we are alone? Perhaps we’re just naive, inexperienced in the world of the alien race to accept the possibility that perhaps there is someone else living within our universe. We can’t even begin to understand the depths of our own solar system and we claim there is no other life form beyond it? That just seems ignorant to me.

Lets face the facts here. Earth is the only known planet with any kind of life form. Quite a miracle really. I mean, if Earth was even one inch closer or farther from the sun, it would be uninhabitable. Either too cold or too warm. Was it destiny that Earth was placed in just the right spot for the human race to live comfortably? Or was it nature that produced the perfect species in response to the newly formed environment of planet Earth?

The latter just seems more digestible to me. I mean think about it. Either Earth was created for us or we were created for Earth. We have skin that is thick enough to provide warmth in cold weather but also containing sweat glands that allow us to cool in warm weather. We have a pair of lungs that allow us to breathe in the naturally occurring oxygen in the atmosphere. We have brains capable of learning that have so far allowed us to create an endless possibility of new toys. Every part of our body has been crafted so beautifully so that we may live in an ever-changing environment. Evolution has created the perfect specimen for planet Earth. Are you really going to sit there and close-mindlessly tell me that such workings of evolution are not possible on any other planet in our entire universe? Did evolution really make us that naive?

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