The Grand Outdoors


One of my favorite memories growing up was the moments leading up to this very photograph. It was a quiet day, my brothers and I were incredibly bored at home. My oldest brother was working on a website he was designing for camping products he was planning on selling (key word being was because he ended up just giving up on the whole project). Being the almost-as-dedicated-as-he-thought-he-was kind of guy, he proposed to my other brother and I a little adventure. He needed pictures of the grand outdoors to put up on his website for aesthetic so he took us out for a wonderful bike ride. 10 kilometers into our bike ride and we stumble upon a beautiful sight. We set our bikes aside and walk over to this open field home to luscious greenery. Undisturbed by human activity, the vibrant colors of nature had transformed our fatigue into awe. As we stopped to enjoy the vast open scenery, my brother took the opportunity to capture the timeless beauty of raw nature, he also managed to capture his little sister admiring in wonderment.

via Photo Challenge: Transformation

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