The Grand Finale

Day Seven

As per the title, yes, this is the final day of our trip out here in Colombia. We have a long day ahead. From Santa Marta, we must drive back to the city of Cartagena as that is where our plane departs. Much like the drive to Santa Marta, the drive back was long (although we managed to shave off one hour), the drive was beautiful, and the drive was relaxing. We made a few stops here and there.

Our first stop was at a beautiful beach town of Rodadero. Although we could not stop and walk along the beach, we managed to drive by slow enough to enjoy the beautiful view of this new town. Parking was impossible to find, which was the main reason we didn’t stop. Instead, we admired from a distance and continued along our journey back to Cartagena.

Our second stop along the way was the beautiful Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino. La Quinta is a gorgeous estate famous for being the place of death of Simon Bolivar. Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan military and political leader famously known for the establishment of many countries, including Colombia, from the Spanish rule. Part of this estate is also a museum of modern art.

Our third and final stop along the journey was to the well-known Volcan Del Totumo. This particular volcano is mostly visited by tourists staying near Cartagena, but also has many Colombian locals that visit it. The Volcano is in fact still active and contains mud baths that are said to have “healing” properties. Back in the day, the volcano was known to spew lava and ash but was turned into mud by the work of a priest who claimed the volcano was the sign of the devil.

We finally made it back to Cartagena, oh how I’ve missed this beautiful city. We went back to our hotel, showered, and were off yet again to the beautiful Historic Downtown. We stopped at a very high-class (very touristic) restaurant to celebrate a grand day (Happy Birthday Mom!). For starters, we ordered a delicious muscles plate with a white wine sauce and my mother had an octopus a la Colombiana. For our main course, a delicious grilled fish topped with equally tasty shrimp. As for myself, an incredibly savoury beef Wellington. For dessert, a dark chocolate cake on the outside, with delicious hot creamy fudge on the inside, with a side of vanilla ice cream. Of course, we also treated ourselves to some cocktails (we’re celebrating, give me a break).

As we finished our meal and made our way out of the restaurant, my mother and I took one last walk around the Historic Downtown. We said our goodbyes to the beautiful city of Cartagena. Although goodbyes are hard, we know it’s not forever. Next Trip: Medellin.

Hasta La Proxima


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