Lounging and Pirate Ship Cruises

Day Three

As the sun slowly rose over the horizon, rays of light made their way into the hotel room through the sheer curtains. The room lit up with a beautiful warm light and another hot Cartagena day began. Unfortunately for my mother, her day consisted of meetings, lectures, and networking. She left shortly after breakfast, leaving me to enjoy the warmth of the sun all by my lonesome (as someone who occasionally enjoys solidarity, this was more of a blessing than a curse). I made my way to the very large, open pool, claimed myself a lounger and laid to enjoy the heat of the sun in its entirety. No sun block? No problem (but some regrets). Needless to say, by the end of my sun tanning day, I was as red as a lobster (I say as I smile through the pain). After a long day of educating the mind of young Doctors, my mother joined me on my much-needed day of relaxation. We migrated from the pool to the beach to enjoy, without surprise, the gorgeous waves of the Caribbean Sea. The water was a perfect temperature. Luke warm. Not too warm in addition to the already hot summer day but enough to cool the body from the humid air that surrounds us.

Not long after arriving at the beach, we retired back to our hotel room to prepare for a surprise dinner out, courtesy of the Latin-American Community of Doctors (my mother is kind of a big deal). We decided to have fun with our outfits and dress up for a night out to town. My mother wore a gorgeous black pencil skirt with beautiful beige stitching on the outer leg and paired it with an equally gorgeous, sheer, lacy black shirt (talk about stunning). I, on the other hand, opted for a gorgeous green, form-fitting asymmetrical dress and paired it with a beautiful pair of skin-colored velvet heels. We made our way to the lobby to catch our bus to dinner. Little did we know the surprise that awaited us.

Yo ho, all together, hoist the colors high.

Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die.

Aside from being the greatest opening to a movie in cinematic history, this song resembles the lives of pirates lost by the Brethren Court. Although totally fictional, the pirate ship my mother and I cruised in was not. Arriving at a beautiful marina, not one person could take their eyes off the star of the night. The incredibly authentic pirate ship that was docked on the pier. Straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean, the ship had the main deck to which we entered and upper desks at both the bow and stern. Complete with original sails, cannons (although no longer operational), cannon balls, and steering wheel, it was hard not to tell the rest of the tourists to walk the plank. Entertainment included a Colombian cover band followed by a comedic ventriloquist performance. Although no formal dinner was in order, waiters walked around with delicious platters of Colombian “finger food” for tourists to munch on. The pirate ship ride lasted a whole three hours before we returned back to the marina and the journey ended. Although not what we expected from the dinner invitation, it was a lovely surprise.


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