Farewell, My Tiny Friend

They say a dog is man’s best friend, and I couldn’t agree more. However, if you’ve owned any other kind of animal, you’ll feel just the same about them. Most people own a dog or a cat, or both, others own reptiles, ferrets, hamsters. I was lucky enough to own the sweetest, most beautiful green cheeked conure. A tiny parrot, about the size of a palm.

We originally bought Rocco (that’s what we named him) in 2013 for my mother’s birthday. She always wanted a bird. While the bird was a sweet creature for the first few months, he later became selective of his favorite housemates. He hated my brothers, my mom was too worried he would bite to get close, and my father typically threw him around the cage when he got aggressive. The only one he didn’t bite was me. It’s funny, when my brother got in too close of a proximity when Rocco was perched on my shoulders, he would attack my brother. My family came up with a theory that Rocco viewed me as his mother and would defend me if strangers approached. Although he was a small critter, his bite was one to be feared.

Last night was his final night. Even throughout the day, he was bouncing about his cage and playing with his toys. He seemed absolutely normal. Around 8pm, I heard a thump in his cage. I ran over as quick as I could and saw what seemed to have been his beak stuck between the cage. Flapping about, I grabbed him ever so carefully, removing his beak from between the cage bars. It was too late. He was limp. Barely moving. The only time he moved was when he had what looked like a spasm. I ran over to the sink and fed him some water through a straw. He wasn’t drinking. My mother, being a doctor, told me he might be sick and to put him down so that I wouldn’t get the illness. I refused. I held him in my hands as his spasms slowly became less and less. His breathing became heavy. He opened his tiny, black, beady eyes for one last time. He closed his wings, his eyes followed, and he was gone.

We had a beautiful little ceremony for him. We dug a hole in our backyard, beside a giant bush with beautiful white flowers. I made him a tombstone from an old golf course carts sign I had stolen a few years ago


2013      –      2017

we placed a beautiful vase on top of his burial site, to avoid any pesky raccoons from bothering him in his permanent slumber. Lastly, as a farewell, I placed a beautiful pink rose in the vase. He may be gone, but he has a permanent place in my mother’s garden. Although he is no longer with us, he’s flying above our house, watching over us, with the angels. I couldn’t have asked for a better afterlife for him.

Farewell, my tiny, beautiful friend.

Although Rocco was not allowed outside by himself, we decided to show him how beautiful the world can be. Rocco in his cage, enjoying the outdoors.
Perched by the window, staring out into the world unknown to him.


Rocco’s beautiful burial site.

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