The Name Behind The Blog

It’s 11:40 pm on a Tuesday night. It’s summer vacation and it looks like I have nothing better to do. I’m split screening my computer screen so that while my inattentive butt decides what to do, I have Family Guy playing in the background (Family Guy > American Dad). My friend had always told me that she wanted to start a youtube channel to create a sort of “video” blog in which she could share her beautiful experiences of travel across the world, with the world. I thought it was a wonderful idea, however she doesn’t actually travel much so what she would blog about I don’t know, but it gave me an idea to start some sort of project to keep me busy throughout the summer. I was actually contemplating starting a youtube channel myself, a “beauty blog” where I would do my makeup on camera, although I don’t personally trust my makeup skills enough to advertise it to the world (I’m no Jaclyn Hill or Jeffree Star). So I scratched that idea and did my makeup in my room, alone, casually doing a voice over in my head as if someone were watching. Later I came across a website, while split screening Netflix (Family Guy as per usual), that had a post discussing how easy it was to create a blog and just “talk.” Since i’m not only not a makeup professional but also incredibly socially awkward (excuse my double-not), I decided I would trade in the “video” blog for an “old school” blog on the internet. I figured i’d give it a try since I had nothing better to do. So here I am, now 10 minutes after midnight (30 minutes after starting this post in the first place, got distracted watching Family Guy, oops), and i’m typing some text post that no one will ever see, to post on a blog no one will ever visit (and i’ll probably forget about tomorrow). The website mentioned 5 easy steps to creating a blog. Step one: creating a domain name. Something that will identify this blog. Something that will allow a hypothetical person to talk about this very blog to their hypothetical friends in a hypothetical basement while they hang out smoking hypothetical pot (I’m not really sure where I am going with this anymore). I knew that the name for this blog had to be unique. Not necessarily a name that my friends could recognize if they ever stumbled across this page, but a name in which, if later revealed that I was the owner of this blog, they would go “ah I should have known that was you!” I needed to come up with the perfect name to identify me as the owner, but also to keep me hidden from the world. Then it hit me.

When I was young, I was known to have quite the temperament. My mother loves to tell a signature story that illustrates how much of a little devil I was. I was 5, my brothers were 7 and 9. My mother had the day off and my father was at work. For a reason that my family and I can just not remember, I was incredibly angry and out for blood. It was a nice sunny, hot summer day. My brothers and mother were outside enjoying the beautiful weather. That was my opportunity. For revenge. I went to the back door of my house (which is a large glass door), made sure my family was attentive to what I was doing inside, and locked it. I quickly ran to my front door and locked it. I ran to the garage door and locked it. I had done it. I had taken the house for myself. I was the Queen of my two story kingdom. After a long day of diabolical locking of doors, the Queen was tired and decided to take a nap. That’s right. I locked my family out of our house out of sheer anger and went straight to bed. My mother had to call my father, who was of course busy at work, to come home and unlock the doors of the house. After that day, I was quite known in my family as having the animal like-blood thirsty angry temperament that they were hoping was just a phase (I would just like to make clear that I am no longer quite as diabolical as my younger self). Years after this incident, and many more piled on top, my brother bought a very special road sign and hung it up on his bedroom door. Do Not Feed The Bears. My family thought it was fitting considering they were living amongst an animal (not my dog, me). My nick name in the family was already Cuca (pronounced [coo-kah]) so why not add that -bear ending to it. Cucabear. That’s my nick name, don’t wear it out.

There it was. My blog name. I had the pieces in front of me I just had to make something with it. All I want to do is attempt to make the very best blog that I can for myself. Or shall I say, the beary best blog that I can make for myself.

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