An Irrational Theory of Personality 

Before you start reading this roller coast ride of a theory I thought of while on dangerously low levels of sleep, I must warn you. If you’re some kind of sicko that doesn’t believe in something as fundamental to life as the human soul, than you should just stop reading right here before you waste anymore of your time. If you choose to continue reading this because you are a soul believer, than by the end of this post you will realize you too have wasted your time reading this. You can skip right to the theory in paragraph 5 of this post.

I’m a psychology student. The uncertainty of what I plan to do with that in the future could fill an entire post on its own. However, opening your mind to the mind really gets your gears turning. One of my favorite courses was abnormal psychology. It never seizes to amaze me just how complex the mind of a person is and just how damaged it can get. Something as simple as a lack of a chemical messenger could cause disturbances so huge, a person would no longer be able to live a normal life. Although there are so many disorders to chose from to study, one that continues to amaze me is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

This particular disorder is not actually a personality disorder as one might think. Personality disorders include borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder, as well as many more. However DID is actually a Dissociative Disorder, like amnesia. A person has large gaps in memory and time that can’t be explained by “forgetfulness.” These gaps in consciousness are explained by a person being over come by another entity (or personality) within the same body. If you’ve seen the movie Split with James McAvoy you’ll know what I’m talking about. Other personalities or “alters” share the body of one main personality. Confusing? Tell me about it.

There are theories behind what causes these alters to form in the first place. One prominent theory is that alters form as a defense mechanism. When a person undergoes an emotional or physical trauma, the main creates an alter to block that memory from existing. When the main experiences a moment in which the trauma is re-experienced, an emotionally stronger alter presents itself. This theory is hard to prove since many people who experience trauma don’t develop alters. Many people don’t actually believe DID to be a real disorder. I however have created my own theory to explain DID. Now I can’t tell you there is any truth or evidence behind my theory, it’s just a sort of revelation I had one night when I deprived myself of sleep.

As I mentioned at the beginning, if you don’t believe in the human soul, i’m afraid this theory wont be feasible for you. For my theory to make any sense, I had to assume that a person is given a soul at the moment of conception. This is where the roller coaster begins so just bear with me.

When an egg and a sperm join to create a zygote, that later turns into a fetus and is born into a human being, it has a soul and a personality. But when a zygote splits in two to create mono-zygotic (identical) twins, the twins are born with their own soul and personality. According to the assumption that I made previously, this means that, like a zygote, a soul can also split in two giving each fetus a soul and personality. Simple right? If it is possible to split a soul when a zygote splits, than perhaps it is possible for a soul to split on its own, without the split of the zygote. That would mean that one single fetus could have two souls or personalities. Are you still with me? This could explain why identical twins are so alike in nature and behavior, as well as why the alters of a person with DID are also themselves so similar in nature and behavior. Is it possible that identical twins once shared a soul? Is it possible that a person with DID has a broken soul? I can’t be certain as this is only a theory, but I would like to believe that one day, in the not so distant future, we possess the technology to answer such questions.

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